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Inner Harmony Mediums

Cheryl and Lacey are Mediums who can channel SPIRIT, loved ones and angel from the other side and they help deliver healing messages to their loved ones still here on earth. Group and Private Readings are available. You can also check them out on facebook "Inner Harmony Mediums". Cheryl and Lacey do all readings together so you will get twice as many messages in a reading.

Intuitive Medium Readings

(1 - 3 people)

30 min Readings - $90.00

45 min Readings - $120.00

1 hour Readings - $150.00

(4-10 people)

1 and 1/2 hour Readings - $60 per person

(4-10 people)

2 hour Readings - $80 per person

Larger group Readings are available upon request!

A Pathway

to Transformation